Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Diplomacy? Hmmmm.... Nope... Hippocracy rather

In the future will watch out for being too diplomatic.

The sooner u let the other person know, the sooner and better he/she understands what you think. Diplomacy is understood as acceptance. The desire to appear nice and courteous is often mistaken, which can be a dangerous thing.

For example, never be diplomatic about
  • Your teammate fraxing away to glory (Tough one)
  • Friends not paying you back on time :-))
  • Your girlfriend flirting with the colleague from office :-)
  • Your boss showing differential treatment
These things can build to one overwhelming mass knocking everything in its path.

There is a very thin line being being diplomatic and being Hippocratic. sometimes its not worth taking the risk, blast it all out. Atleast you don't leave the other person guessing and you don't regret the missed opportunity later. Lets just say Truth sometimes stinks.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Yearbook Fiasco

Working on the yearbook has been a frustrating experience. I'm glad it's over or is it??. Let me not be diplomatic about it, it was shitty work and I have begun to loathe it.

A kaleidoscope of memories which has stamped the frustration deep in.


"What is your justification in a core committee?"
"Why not?"
"Because there was never a core committee.....There's no one who's stuck till the end!!!!"


"I wish he had helped me in the beginning. I've called him so many times."
"He told me that he'd wanted to be on the core team right from the beginning. What was the justification for not taking him anyway?"
"He was in the design team right from the beginning!!!!!"
"Come on.. Its only natural... anyone would want to be on the core committee..."
"but... I have consulted him on all design issues..."
"Still come on... who wouldn't want to be part of the core committee...."


"The CD... I ll take care of it.. I've taken responsibility right???"....


"Ek ghar mein dho yearbook kyun?"


"Yeah... we have the money. If you reach jampot, we'll be able to give a hard copy. The printer needs a maximum of 10 days. We ll ask him if he can do it in a week. It should be possible. Meanwhile you reach jampot....."


The economics of the yearbook. Friends can turn enemies just because they have a better incentive. Worse when they turn to emotional means of coaxing you to work.

Its not only passion that drives work, a certain amount of responsibility chips in. There have been numerous occasions where I have settled for the Softcopy.


Yet despite all this... there are some who go the extra distance to help you out. I would like to mention Tuhin and many others in this regard, who helped without much of an incentive, just the pleasure of carrying memories home. God bless.

But yes........... The "credits" page "means" a lot.

I think finally the printer guy deserves a two page ad in the yearbook. He might end up shelling 30 k from his own pocket because the batch of 2007 decided to save some money for the "lean" times ahead of them.

Yes... A charity show to aid the cause of to-be corporate managers.
I know my blog is not much read.. but here goes.... Heres to you Mr Krishna

Goel Printers (9431180077)