Sunday, August 06, 2006

Keep on the Firing Line.

I hope to have been a great friend.
When everyday, it becomes a struggle
I question if it was the way
It was meant to be.

I will never know the answer
I will rest in the quiet ruminations
Of questioning my being
Of understanding the man I am

I have ditched friends before
For more selfish reasons
And brushed aside the guilt
Leaving behind the shrapnel

Will leave the cleaning for another day
When I probe my self for the carelessness
And ask my self for forgiveness
For now, it is just time and me.

1 comment:

Hrishi said...

Never had an idea of this side of urs.......well written i must say....however the thoughts that have been penned down seem quite contrary to ur mood lately.....or may b just i cud not see....either way.....sometimes its good to be in the line of fire.