Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Homeward Bound!!!!

August 11th
Me landed home after a 2 month break. Home began to feel less like home. It's begun to feel more like an obligation.

I was invited for the TeK Music inaugarals, the club I headed in my final year in college.

I left that night knowing for sure..., I never belonged there. but the memories will forever remain. Of all those midnight practice sessions. Of waking up at 6 with the bass line buzzing in my head, taking a quick shower only to head straight to F-301, to pick my bass guitar, switch on the tape and play to the song.

I must confess, I never felt part of the group. Now after XL, after knowing all the possibilities. I know I'll never get back. Definitely no, not for the music. but like i said, for the friends....

I was dying to get back to Bangalore..... to home. I'm beginning to love the freedom. It may come in the form of a sprouted Aloo lying in the vegetable tray in the kitchen ...but yeah....its...

"that little place called Neverland .... where the world around you ceases to exist......wheres its just you and your dreams...."

So like i was saying .. back to job descriptions.

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Hrishi said...

"Home began to feel less like home. It's begun to feel more like an obligation.".....dunno if I have the same feeling.....but yeah something similar I guess. While we drown in the glorified stories of what XL gave us.....someone somewhere at the back of head asks.....is that really everything?....

joe said...

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